Authorisation for release of Funds

Who can Authorise

  • Trustee or Director of SMSF AND (if different) Trustee or Director of Bare Trust; OR
  • Representative being:
    • Solicitor; OR 
    • Licenced conveyancer, listed on the contract.


Members of a SMSF are mandatory trustees of that SMSF either as their natural person or as a director of a trustee company.

The ‘bare trust’ will be the Purchaser on the contract who purchases the property on behalf of the SMSF, the bare trust technically owns the property but cannot disseminate money in its own name. Hence the need for signatures from both entities. In most situations persons are both members of the SMSF and Trustees of the bare trust. A member will need to authorise the release of the funds in their capacity as a trustee or director of the SMSF and again in their capacity as trustee or director of the bare trust.