Understanding how to write an offer for a cleaning contract is crucial if you want to get profitable cleaning work. To write a successful offer, you need to determine your costs and set fees that will cover those costs while satisfying your customers and allowing you to make a profit. Since we simply love it, we break down how to bid on cleaning orders into these simple steps: I want to bid on contracts what the website is before you can bid on cleaning contracts, you naturally need to find potential customers. Fortunately, they are everywhere. Business parks, shopping malls, retail corridors on city streets, shopping malls, medical office buildings, restaurants, colleges, as well as private and public schools are just the beginning where you can find new stores. Synergies – Synergies – Synergy of the potential cleaning contract in any way with other work you have planned? If so, you might consider this as a reason to offer an offer. Consider, for example, creating effective cleaning contract quotes starts with completing your due diligence. “Get a good understanding of the business and how the customer is set up,” said Scott Weintraub, president of SMG Corporate Services. If possible, schedule an on-site visit to walk around the property with the client. A personal visit allows you to tell your story and understand the needs and expectations of the customer.

Your chances of getting a bid increase exponentially if you can establish a personal connection and provide excellent service.1,2 During the site visit, take detailed notes and ask if you can take pictures. Be prepared to also take measurements of the part if the customer does not provide them. You can fall back on your notes, images and measurements when you write the final bid. Philippe Mack, senior vice president of customer experience at Bee-Clean Building Maintenance, says one of the keys to a successful offering is a detailed and accurate audit sheet for site surveys. A verification sheet for the site survey should include the number and type of accessories, windows, rooms and floors throughout the room. #2 Evaluate the odds Of course, there are a variety of ways to find bids and win. But setting up notifications and reading a few emails a day doesn`t require much effort, and the rewards could be huge. For an easy-to-use interface that can search for job openings in the U.S. and elsewhere, look no further than BidPrime.com.

Here you will find leads across the country as well as the expiration date of the offer so you know how much time you need to make a move. Keep in mind that results can`t be sorted here and are delivered based on the relevance of your search category, so pay close attention to the expiration date of the bids, as they have sometimes only passed recently. They also offer more detailed paid services if you want to get even more granular. Use software to run your cleaning business so you can do more. Check out a free demo of Caretaker Manager today to see what we`re talking about! BidNet.com claims to help you win more government contracts with its searchable database. Nevertheless, they can also pair you with targeted opportunities and other service options to help you narrow down your search, especially if you`re not currently in the government contract market. They can choose to be informed every day of new contracts that have appeared in their system, and they also offer other tendering resources, such as. B status-specific information, success stories and resources. Management in business parks or shopping malls: Some of these companies may already have in-house cleaning and maintenance services. However, they can also be lucrative contracts, so it`s worth holding a meeting.

You never know what 30 minutes of your day may mean. It`s no secret that the key to a successful commercial cleaning business is learning where to find cleaning contracts and how to make quotes. There is literally money. Unfortunately, we can`t just go to the store and choose contracts as if we were choosing a new wiper bucket or a box of floor cleaners. How or where can I find the contact details of a cleaning offer? 3 How to offer a commercial cleaning contract| Palmettocommercialservices.com. Retrieved February 14, 2020 from www.palmettocommercialservices.com/blog/bid/343821/how-to-bid-a-commercial-cleaning-contract After submitting your offer, follow us by phone or email. And if you don`t receive the bid, ask for the reason. By getting feedback, you can refine your process for other commercial cleaning contracts that are advertised. Every new offer is an opportunity to demonstrate the value of your business and learn something along the way. If you rate commercial cleaning orders correctly, the chances of your bid being selected increase. Chris Scott, construction services consultant at Team MJV, explains that the use of tendering is important to provide the correct data in the bid. A tender is a great resource for writing a quote for a commercial cleaning contract, especially if a room tour is not possible.

The tender contains all the details you need to place your tender and must include the information you would have gathered during an on-site visit. One of the points that should be included in a commercial cleaning tender is the cleanable square footage. The cleanable square footage is a way to calculate the price to bid on a commercial cleaning order. The cleanable square footage is the total amount of space to be cleaned, such as offices, washrooms and open spaces. A building has areas that do not need to be cleaned, such as server rooms and cabinets. The cleanable square footage of a room will help you place your bid. You can calculate the cleanable area of the room if you do not receive it from the tender or the customer. Take the total area of the building and subtract all uncleaned areas. Next, use the cleanable area to calculate a deposit price per square foot.

Average prices for commercial cleaning services can range from $0.05 to $0.25 per square foot. The price per square foot may vary depending on the type and size of the facility. Here`s an example: 7,000 cleanable square feet X$.20/square foot = $1,400 estimate #4 Determine time and staff Standard cleaning services can cover several tasks, including: I want to get commercial cleaning and construction contracts Once you know what cleaning tasks your client is waiting for, you need to determine the size and layout of the house or office you are going to clean. You need to measure the area of the site to get an idea of how long it will take you to complete the project. Other factors related to the size of the project that you should look for are: That is, it is also a good idea to know how to find potential contracts. No matter how good your marketing is, there are never any guarantees. And we all know that competition is fierce, so it`s up to you to learn as much as you can to do more business. There are many ways to find jobs to bid on, including good old networking, but one of the most common and easily accessible are concierge auction websites. Tripping over these can make a big difference in how many jobs you can take, although it`s still up to you to win the contract. Nevertheless, to help you get started, here are seven of the best concierge auction websites that we`re sure your competitors have already kept an eye on.

The Janitorial Bid Network is a great virtual bulletin board that informs you about jobs around the world, especially in the U.S. and Canada, as well as news and classified ads related to the cleaning industry. Sorted by date, you`ll find the latest advertised jobs as well as the latest relevant industry information that might prove useful. It`s also a good place to look for employees by placing or reading classified ads. You need to sign up to bid on jobs, but it`s worth it. Promote your COVID-19 protocols: Yes, we`re all a little tired of talking about COVID. It doesn`t make it go away. And even if that goes away, there are still things like the seasonal flu and the common cold to fight.

Phrase this the way you think it`s best (cold and flu protocols, cleaning up for pandemics, or COVID-19 policies), but don`t ignore it. Especially if you plan to bid on cleaning contracts for schools or doctors` offices, you need to be informed in advance of your training and operations. Just like your price list, have this information written down and offer it as part of your auction. What for us. Think big. Don`t limit yourself to responding to how you bid for commercial cleaning work, how you offer a house cleaning job, or even how you bid on apartment cleaning contracts. Consider all potential customers: this means that you have to bid for work. The bidding process can be difficult to decipher for beginners and experienced cleaners.

So, this guide explains how to approach your offers and block work to fuel and grow your cleaning business. Hey, I`d like to know what I need to become my own boss and get commercial cleaning company accounts Determining the cost of running your business is the first step you should take when bidding on cleaning contracts. In addition to the administrative costs, you need to determine how much you`re going to spend on your cleaning products, travel, and work. .