The date of birth can change directly through the online UAN portal or using the shared ETH statement, and employees who provide the UAN number can use one of these methods to obtain the date of the change of birth. hi sir, I provided the JD form on April 5th and I also received a confirmation number, but still now don`t add my father`s name in my pf account, I raise complaint 2 times no response pls tell me ant suggestion signature and stamp on another company`s explanation and approve other companies what it works please reply to me to my email If you had submitted the JD form manually in the PF office then they would have a confirmation copy was handed over. If you submitted the JD form online on the PF portal, you must have received the confirmation number. Check the PF portal again to find the option to download the confirmation copy. Otherwise, if your employer asks for it, give them the confirmation number and the date of submission. Yes, this ETH Joint Declaration Form is a double form that must be signed jointly by the employee and the employer. These forms are only acceptable if both characters are executed on common PF declaration forms. It is mandatory to physically submit the joint declaration form to the FP office where the institution is registered. (1) First of all, it would be advisable to consolidate your PF accounts into a single account. You can visit the EPFO website and do so. You may need to coordinate with your current and former employers to do this. Or visit the NEAREST PF office in your city and get tips from them.

If you don`t consolidate, you might have problems with your PF accounts in the future. (2) If something needs to be changed urgently and you wish to submit the joint declaration form, you can submit the form via your current employer to the ETH office where the PF account is held. Or go directly to the ETH office and submit the form. And to change the details in the previous PF accounts, you also need to go to the relevant ETH offices and submit the forms. Therefore, to avoid a lengthy process, try merging all PF accounts into one. Visit the EPFO website for more information or contact your company`s payroll manager or human resources department for advice. Common declaration form that the EPF office sends karna padega sir, because I have several accounts Pf, current EPF office or former me summit karna padega For some details such as name, father`s name, etc., a form for a joint declaration must be submitted, as these details are checked against the user`s hair and cannot be easily processed. It often happens that a withdrawal request is rejected if the applicant`s Provident Fund account does not reflect the correct information. Mistakes like a typo in the name on your PF account or an incorrect date of birth may seem like a small mistake, but can lead to a lot of problems at the time of withdrawal.

You can contact the manager of your company, he can provide you with the appropriate form to sign and submit. If they do not cooperate, log in to the official website of the ETH staff and try to update your KYC there. After submitting the application online, it will be submitted to the employer for approval and must be approved online. You just have to coordinate. I couldn`t link my PAN card. Due to the name change, but as my aadhar card was linked, I could not change my name on the EPFO website. Please suggest for next actions when processing my joint declaration form. Since your former employer in Pune submitted the joint statement, it would be best if you contacted FP`s office in Pune directly and knew the status. The Hyderabad office may not be able to help you in this regard. The joint epf declaration is a combined form signed by the employee and the employer and used for correction in the FP member portal, where the EPF form for the joint declaration is useful and secure to correct the name in UAN, the date of birth in the PF account, the date of membership, the name of the father and the date of exit. Despite this form, the EPFO member can change the father`s name, surname or date of birth and the date of membership and resignation, but the same change of birth and name can be changed through the Unified Member Portal. For the correction of the name: If your name has been incorrectly entered in the EPFO files, you will have to submit a joint application through your employer.

You must also provide proof of a name change. To change the name of the father or spouse: You are required to send a joint application to the competent EPFO service on your behalf and on behalf of the employer. For the correction of the date of birth: The form has the possibility to make this change. However, you will need to submit proof of birth upon application. For the rectification of the date of membership/withdrawal: The employer to the epfo service concerned. For address changes: The EPFO portal does not currently allow a change of address via the portal. The change can be made at the time of transfer or withdrawal of FP. The only thing you need to provide is your proof of address. The EPF form is now available on the official web portal, users can now download online or consult the following common link to download the joint declaration form, and we also share the following EPF joint declaration form available for EPF members to submit to the PF Regional Commissioner to make changes to the EPFO account through the employer at certification. The Joint Declaration Form is a combined form signed by both the employee and the employer and used for correction in the FP Member Portal. It is important that your PF account displays the correct information.

If your PF account reflects incorrect details, there are two ways to fix them. Basic details can be corrected via the UAN portal itself, while some changes need to be made by filling out a common declaration form. Complete the joint declaration form, sign and sign the employer if necessary. And have it submitted to the EPFO office along with the receipts. You can go directly to the EPFO office and submit it or where you work, you can request the pay or the relevant official who goes to the ETH office for other work. Sir Maine 25 Feb KO joint declieration bhara that my same simple father na name Chang no I hua EPF account holders or members can make one to correct various errors related to EPF via this PF declaration form Details that can be changed/corrected by a joint declaration form are: An employee can request the following changes via the EPF form for a joint declaration: Here are the basic details about the joint EPF statement that you can use to correct your PF account. The joint statement was submitted by my former employer and I also received confirmation from them. Incidentally, how many days it will take to approve after the epfo holidays today is the 8th day after filing my JD. A few days ago, I sent a joint statement with certified documents to the company`s human resources department (Mumbai office) by mail, I would like to know that the human resources department only takes care of the subsequent process or returns the documents to me with the company seal? Dear Sir, I submitted a joint declaration form to the pf office on March 14th, so far my name has not been updated I registered complaint I received a response that.

This office has forwarded the member`s request after approval, it will be updated. How many days it will take, sir, to update in the portal. If you need to change something in the PF account, you can use this form to get it based on your correct data, and moreover, it is the only form that must be used by an EPF member to correct their data and update it on the UAN portal to update your data. .