Confidis management team has more than 45 years of combined industry experience. In collaboration with Shinewest Corporation Pty Ltd, our team has a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Anthony Aoun – Founder

Confidis Pty Ltd was founded by industry expert Anthony Aoun.

Anthony has more than 16 years experience in real estate sales, including international property experience. Even as a young person, Anthony knew inventiveness and curiosity were the keys to good work practices, attributes which continue to bring him success today.

His career began in the tool making trade, where he came 2nd in the State in 1979 and 1st in the State in 1980. He is a former mechanical engineer for the NSW State Rail Authority; head of plant & equipment maintenance for WD & HO Wills; has owned and operated two retail food and health stores in prestigious Sydney suburbs; worked as a professional salesman for a national transport company and as Operations Manager for an excavation company.

A chance opportunity made real estate become his passion in the 1990s. Anthony identified a need for property buyers to have disclosure and evaluation tools when purchasing investment properties. In response, he founded the first version of the investment property website in 1998; well ahead of its time, when the internet was still in its early days as a business tool.

He also founded (CPx). CPx is a real estate advertising platform; provides graded properties with no real estate agent ‘selling-fees’; and both sellers and buyers with fair and independent representation. An Australian first!.

He assisted in the concept of Propdata, a web-based business that enables independent analysis for the property market. He was the Founder and Managing Director of a large investment property marketing business, with more than 50 staff based in New South Wales with offices, Queensland, Victoria and Indonesia. Anthony also founded www.Aoun.Co – property and business consultancy.

Phone: +61 410 510 997


Skype: anthony.aoun

Favorite word: Otipemsiwak; “Those who own themselves”