A Simple Plan…

Confidis Pty Ltd; an Independent Trust Account, is able to follow a very simple plan to regulate and protect the disbursements of commission and deposit funds from all transactions. Click here to download PDF brochure. Here is how it works:

  1. Get agreement between all the parties to use Confidis Pty Ltd. An Independent Trust Account, to manage the funds for the transaction / agreement / contract.
    • Confidis has standard forms for this purpose or you many create your own
    • These forms can be accessed via your on-line account
  2. Declare on the agreement / contract of sale that funds will be held by Confidis trust account.
    • Confidis has standard annexures for inclusion into an agreement / contract of sale
    • These annexures can be accessed on-line via your on-line account
  3. Confidis, in accordance with your agreement / contract of sale and trust compliant practices will receipt, manage and disburse deposits and commissions for all stakeholders, in a professional compliant and efficient manner.
    • Funds underwritten by: Liberty International Underwriters
    • Stakeholders can access their account via the Confidis on-line platform

Deposits are paid into a nominated fund and held on trust with a major Australian bank. Any interest is retained by Confidis Pty Ltd to help offset administration costs and other fees associated with the management and audit of the funds.

All commissions relating to the transaction are paid into a nominated fund and held on trust. At agreed milestones Confidis Pty Ltd, will pay these held funds to all stakeholders / service providers, in accordance with the respective agreements.

Our Fees
Confidis Pty Ltd charges an annual/ monthly subscription fee and a nominal transaction fee for the: service; receipt; management; and, disbursement of funds.

…to ensure peace of mind.