• Account code: Service Provider (SP) – suitable for a business entity assisting the buyer or seller. This account grants free access to the online web portal to view the deals, agreements and transactions. SP’s do not get free transactions.

Pay per deal

  • Account code: General (G) – suitable for an entity that is a buyer or seller of real property (or a party to a commercial agreement). Access to the online web portal to; create projects, deals, agreements, link SP to a deal and submit, view and disburse transactions. $100 +GST per Deal. It is based on a fair use policy hence a limited number of free transactions per deal apply.

Unlimited deals, agreements + transactions

  • Account code: Principal Service Provider (PSP) – suitable for an entity that make many deals, agreements and transactions per year. Cost, $30 +GST per month and a fee per transaction is payable. PSP’s get full and unlimited functionality.

A Simple Plan…

A service to ensure peace of mind.