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Confidis Pty Ltd is an 'Independent Trust Account'; able to receipt, manage and disburse monies on behalf of parties by agreement. It is the ideal service for individuals, agents, developers, conveyancers, professionals, trade groups, property sellers and buyers.

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Outsource Your Trust Account to Confidis

  • No more stress

  • No more administration fees

  • No more trust account audits

  • No more payment uncertainty

…and the responsibilities!

You get two accounts within the Confidis Pty Ltd trust accounts, one for deposits and the other commissions/fees.  All your trust account needs can now be outsourced. Confidis Pty Ltd will manage all the transactions and audits. You and all other stakeholders can view transactions, receipts and disbursements on-line.

Whether you are a solicitor, real estate agent, property developer or simply prefer the security of a trust account (escrow*) for your transactions, Confidis can help. Click here to download PDF brochure

*A ‘Trust Account’ (legal term used in Australia) is also known as ‘Escrow’ in other parts of the world. In essence they provide the same function.


We Are Here To Serve You

If you are uncertain of being paid, have experienced non-payments, or do not want the stress of managing a trust account, Confidis Pty Ltd offers:

  • Protects all stakeholders by overseeing the correct disbursement of funds
  • Act as a third party, with no favourable ties
  • Foster agreements between all interested parties regarding, the disbursements and the disbursements timetable; thus delivering payment and agreement integrity
  • Promote business networks to collaborate together; pool funds, multi-payments and disbursements
  • Monies held in trust with a major Australian bank
  • Funds underwritten by: AIG Australia Limited

Mitigating Risk

Confidis Pty Ltd holds a vision to maximise efficiency and minimise unnecessary financial loss for all stakeholders in a transaction; bringing accountability, transparency and usability to all trust account transactions
Our philosophy is based on providing a service to ensure peace of mind, confidence, convenience and security for all stakeholders. We believe in fair commercial outcomes and that industry/trade should flourish without the risk of financial loss.

We know the best way to achieve this is to involve an independent third party acting in a prudent, compliant and professional manner.

This is where Confidis Pty Ltd comes in – Protecting Your Money

Our services benefit all; purchasers, agents, vendors and solicitors. We take the burden of financial disbursements and management off your hands, allowing you to focus on the other necessities of your business. Safe with the knowledge that your deposits and commissions are being looked after.

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Don't risk your money! Don't risk your business practice license! Confidis Pty Ltd, an 'Independent Trust Account' can ensure payment to all stake holders in an agreement.

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