If you receive a replacement card, destroy your old card – especially the chip and magnetic stripe – and throw the leftovers in separate garbage cans. If you receive an SMS from us, please do not ignore it. If you prefer to call us back instead of replying by SMS, please call the number on the back of your card as soon as possible. If your mobile phone number changes, let us know as soon as possible by calling us on 0345 300 3833. Step 2 – Select “Activate Card” from the “Manage My Account” drop-down menu: Get 1 point for every £4 you spend at other shops, restaurants and online merchants that accept Mastercard. If you are accepted in store, you can take your card home the same day. Whether you`re buying household items at John Lewis or stocking up at Waitrose, our credit card can really help. Indeed, no interest is charged on your purchases for the first 9 months. So you can buy now and pay at your own pace – as long as you stick to your minimum payments. We do not hold you responsible for unauthorized transactions made in-store, over the phone or online (including contactless transactions). However, you must ensure that you notify us immediately if your card is lost or stolen, or if you suspect that someone is using your card number, PIN or passwords fraudulently. If you do not use the app, we will continue to send a code by SMS to your registered mobile phone number to confirm that you are completing the transaction. This code can only be used by you and for that particular transaction.

NEVER share this code with anyone. Only scammers will ask you to share this code pretending to be someone you trust, such as bank employees or the police. Make sure your contact information is up to date for you and all other cardholders. You can also activate your card by calling our 24/7 phone line on 0345 300 3832. Please have your card ready. If you can`t use the app or can`t get a code via SMS/SMS, we`ve introduced a portable card reader. This can be used to generate codes to confirm purchases. It asks you to call a specific phone number, but that number is unknown to you. In this case, call your bank directly at a number you trust – e.B.

the number on the back of your card – to check if this message is genuine. Keep your card safe at all times. Don`t leave it out of your sight when using it in shops or restaurants. Scammers can make a copy in minutes. Step 3 – Select your card and click “Activate Card”: Do you pay high interest on another credit or business card? Transfer your balance to us and we will help you with an 18-month interest-free period (2.9% fee, minimum £5). This could make the cost of your refunds more affordable. This prevents your card from being blocked unnecessarily and also helps us stop the fraud as soon as possible. If you`re already using an online account, you can sign in to the app with your online login information. Let us know as soon as possible if your card (or any other card in your account) is lost, stolen, or if you suspect that someone is using your card number, PIN or passwords fraudulently. You can call day and night on 0800 015 0914 or from abroad on +44 121 214 5732. If you`re moving (even if it`s only temporary), let your bank, credit card, and utilities know.

Use the Royal Mail redirect service and consider signing up with the email settings service to prevent emails from being sent to your old address. Also, let your provider know when you change your work, home, or mobile phone number. If you know your memorable word but have forgotten your username, password, or 6-digit login PIN, just follow the steps below. Please do not call our contact center as these steps must be done manually by you. You can activate your card by logging into your online account and visiting the “Manage my account” section. If you need help signing up, check out our step-by-step guide. For more information, please visit our card reader page. This protects you and any additional cardholders when you make online purchases with your Partner Card. HSBC UK Bank plc is our trusted partner in providing the Partnership Card. There is a sense of urgency that prompts you to act immediately. Or you can write to: The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower Harbour Exchange Square London E14 9GE phone scam – or “vishing” – is when a scammer calls and claims they are from your bank or other trusted organisation. It`s also easy for them to convince you, as they can both spoof the on-screen phone number and, with a little research, discover some of your basic banking and personal information.

Before contacting us, please do these few checks John Lewis Financial Services Limited, which issues and manages the partnership card, is a member of the Financial Mediation Service. For more information on the Financial Mediation Service, please visit financial-ombudsman.org.uk. A copy of our internal complaint handling procedures and details of the financial mediation system may be requested upon request. Enjoy 2000 bonus points (worth £20 in vouchers) when you spend £250 at John Lewis or Waitrose in the first 90 days. . You will be asked to provide sensitive personal or financial information or passwords or to make transactions by following a link in the message. Criminals not only try to contact you by phone and SMS, but they also “phish” – they also contact you via email. So always be wary of unsolicited emails that claim to be from your bank or other trusted organization, as the address can be easily spoofed. Never automatically click on links that may contain emails, at least not before you stop checking that they look authentic first. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date.

This prevents fake emails from reaching your inbox and protects against scammers who take control of your computer. Credit dependent on the status of John Lewis Financial Services Limited. The price offered to you is based on your personal situation and may differ from the price displayed. Terms and conditions apply. Discover a flexible way to choose your coverage and optional add-ons. Using these tools can help protect you if criminals try to trick you with fake pop-ups in your online banking window, send you “scam alerts” that hide malware, or spoof retailers` websites so you can enter your financial information. . You can apply for a partnership card online. You can also check the status of your application. You will need the reference number of the application that we have given you and the catchy word that you have chosen.

. We apply a simple complaint procedure that aims to resolve any problem quickly and efficiently. Be sure to check your billing for transactions you don`t recognize and let us know immediately if you suspect fraud. When you create an online account, you have access to your recent transactions and can view them more frequently. If you are having trouble logging in, just follow the steps below: If you forgot your password but know your username, please follow the steps below to reset it. There is a prominent website link that appears as the right address, but with a different character. Do not share your PIN with third parties. We will never ask you to disclose your PIN. If you have forgotten your password and forgotten your username, you must first follow the steps in the “Forgot your username?” section above. Once you have completed these steps and have your username handy, please follow the steps below.

. Listen to your instincts – you know when something is wrong You may already know the things to do and not to do financial fraud – that you shouldn`t be asked for your PIN or full password out of the blue, or that you should never feel compelled to transfer money to another account. The problem is that in the heat of battle, it`s easy to forget that. . Never divulge security details such as your PIN or full bank password Enjoy simple and socially responsible investments with John Lewis. We work with Nutmeg to provide a jargon-free service full of possibilities. When setting up the app, make sure you add the same mobile phone number associated with your partner card account. If you have an online account, you can sign up to update your contact information. If not, give us a call. John Lewis Financial Services Limited will never ask for your Internet ID or password in an email. Never share this information with third parties. If we can verify all the data you provide, your username will be displayed on the next page.

It is important that you save your username so that you can use it when you invite it back in the future. Get 1.25% return points on gift cards when you shop at John Lewis and Waitrose The app can be downloaded for iOS or AndroidTM, so you can get started right away. We recommend that you do not sign in to your online partner card account on computers that are running Windows 7. If you are not sure which Windows operating system you are using, you can read Microsoft`s helpful guide. To send us a secure message, you must log in to your online account. 3. Personal Information: Always question unsolicited approaches in case it is a scam. Instead, contact the company directly via a known email address or phone number. . Indicate whether you want to trust the device. Then click Next and you will be redirected to your account summary screen. These claims are made in fake emails, phone calls, text messages, and social messages that use the coronavirus as coverage.

Keep in mind that John Lewis Finance will never ask you for PINs or passwords or transfer money to a secure account. Check out the latest exclusive offers and useful ideas I don`t use the app and can`t receive SMS/SMS. What must I do? To get an OTP, you need to make sure we have your correct mobile phone number. The last 4 digits of the number we currently have are displayed on the screen. If this is not your current number, call us on 0345 300 3833 to update your contact information. .