HAS FURTHER DECIDED THAT Mr. [name of director] of the Company is authorized to represent the Company, to sign and sign the necessary documents and leases and to take all necessary measures on behalf of the Company. DECIDED THAT the consent of the Board of Directors is hereby given to rent offices at [address of office space] with a monthly rent of only Rs XX, XXX/-. “DECIDED that the consent of the Board of Directors is granted and is hereby granted to take over [●][asset description] of [●][name of lessee] for use by the Company on the conditions set out in the draft lease, a copy of which has been duly signed by the President for identification purposes has been placed as an investment-[●]; The Director Mr./Mrs. [Name of Director] informs the Board of Directors that for the proper functioning and expansion of the business, the Company is required to lease suitable offices. The draft agreement for the same will be submitted to the board of directors, and after careful consideration and deliberation, the board of directors has adopted the following resolution: – Need a resolution of the board on the transfer of the premises of my company to another company. And not that I take rent. HAS DECIDED that the Corporation, as a tenant, accepts a lease from the LANDLORD as landlord. The premises are known as ADDRESS 1, city name, county name of county, state of state name in accordance with the terms of a particular lease as attached. Note: You can download the board resolution format for the company to take over the premises for rent/lease in Word and PDF format via the link at the end of this article. [●] [Name and Designation of Authorized Person] of the Company, is and is hereby authorized to perform all other acts, things and documents that are deemed necessary or necessary for the implementation of the above decision. `CERTIFIED COPY OF THE RESOLUTION ADOPTED AT THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS BY [name of company], HELD ON [date], AT [address].

WHEREAS the company has a certain space necessary for the proper functioning of the company; whether it is: FURTHER DECIDES that the said draft lease is approved and that Mr. / Mrs. [●] [name and designation of authorized person] of the Company are hereby jointly and severally/jointly and severally authorized to accept on behalf of the Company the amendments proposed or accepted by the Company; FURTHER DECIDED that the common seal, if any, shall be affixed to the company on the equitable stamped recreation in duplicate of the lease in accordance with the model of the said draft (with such amendments as may be agreed between the parties) with regard to the statutes of the company; Download the draft resolution of the board of directors for the lease in Word format. .